Monday, December 28, 2015

Apparently Motivation is the key

Both for Money saved and blogs posted!  This challenge of saving for a roof replacement has opened up a slew (that's "a lot" for all you non- southerners) of blog posts due to all the frugal things I have to rave about.

This morning found me in the kitchen (big surprise) making things I had been planning to get at the store.  Bagels, Loaf bread (well I was still going to make that), Hamburger buns, and English muffins are on the roster today and some are in progress.  If I can keep my motivation going,  I will mix up freezer biscuits (freeze now, bake later )and make Chex Mix.  Tonight's dinner is venison stew and biscuits.  I have some buttermilk that needs using up and that's why the biscuits.  I also have some cooked red potatoes I need to use up, so hence the venison stew.

I thought I would share the "grocery list" for this coming month to give you an idea of how minimal our needs are.  Having a pantry on hand comes in handy for challenges such as these.  So here's my list.

2- 50 lb bags of Chicken Feed-  Feed = eggs.
2- 25 lb bags Dog food
1- 12 lb bag cat food
1- cat litter
4- 32 load laundry soap
1- 20 bar pack of bath soap (Sams)
2- Shampoo
2- Dish washing liquid
1- 80 oz container of powdered coffee creamer- (we all have our weaknesses)
1- 5 lb pkg of turkey lunch meat-  This comes to $1.45 lb at Sams.  I can't get turkey breast that cheap.  Plus I had already promised Rubic I would buy some.
4-Gallons Whole milk- I mix this half and half with water since my kids are grown.  It reduces the fat and calorie content without having to buy Skim (Yuck).  Taste like 2%.  Plus I get 8 gallons for the price of 4.  I use it full strength when making yogurt.
1- 5 lb pkg of 93% lean ground turkey-  This will serve multiple functions not only for dinners, but I will use this for my breakfast sausage.
5- 48 oz jars of unsweetened applesauce- Einstein eats this stuff by the bowl full and I am happy to have him eat something relatively healthy.  It is amazing how much you learn by taking a microscope to your grocery purchases.  Canned peaches are at least half water/syrup.  By purchasing unsweetened applesauce I am getting  much more for the money.  Even a side by side comparison without factoring in the water/syrup issue I come out ahead.  Cans of peaches at Aldi are .89 cents for a just under 15 oz size.  I get that same amount in applesauce for $.58.
2-4 lb bags Navel Oranges-  This will get me something I can stick in Dh lunches.
7 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast-  This is on sale this week at Aldi.

So that's it.  That is my list for the month.  A challenge to be sure.  I'm a little nervous, but up to the challenge.  Good thing I like my kitchen cause I will be in there a lot.

Fast Forward a few hours and

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