Friday, November 9, 2012

OOOH BOYEEEE! Connie I need you!

Yesterday I had a friend give me a deer.  I am paying the processing fee of $60, but the deer was 85 lbs.  I realize a lot of that will go to waste, but still a good deal on meat.   This is why I need you Connie.  I figured you would have some awesome how to's in prep as well as some great recipes due to your experience hunting.  Still cant message you or comment on your site.  I tried the numbers and for some reason I am not getting things right even now.  I have done those little "checks" before and never had a problem.  Anyway, if you see this, I could use the help.
In other news, I am flying solo this weekend.  My men have traveled to Florida for my FIL 90th Birthday.  Way to go JOHN!   I had to work or would have gone.  But here I am .  I am taking this advantage to clean and get some yard work done.  I am still digging and shelling peanuts.  Up to about 9 lbs so far and I am no where near done yet.  My yard, I fear won't be nice and neat come winter.  Winter is getting here faster than I can clean out.  I am not complaining though.  There are people up north in a much worse situation.  Prayers going up for them.
Speaking of up north.  There cannot be a better example of the need to be prepared for any situation.  This was a once in 100 year storm.  In other words, no one alive today ever experienced a storm like this and so would have been unprepared for the scope.  Follow that with the Nor Easter and you get a very unique situation.  If you are one of those that says "the government will take care of us", you might want to pay attention to how well that is going and decide to take care of yourself.  Sandy and the Nor Easter are showing me where I have holes in my preps.  I have lamps for light, a grill and Coleman stove to cook on as well as a pantry, but have no really good way to heat, aside from a kerosene heater, if we have no power.  If I use my grill and Coleman stove to cook, I have to use them outside.  That is fine if it is relatively warm outside, but in the middle of an ice storm, the thought of standing outside to cook a hot meal doesn't thrill me in the least.  What I am looking into is getting a wood stove.  It would act as heat and cooking if I needed it to.  I would have it installed with all the heat resistant tiles, platform etc. Still toying with it, but I want to get it sooner rather than later.
I would love, love, love to see more people taking this initiative.  It doesn't have to be an end of the world as we know it situation.  What you need to prepare for are: power outages from ice or thunderstorms, hurricanes, a job layoff, etc.  Everyday type emergencies.  If you don't currently prepare for emergencies, I ask for you to please consider doing it.  Have a great day!

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