Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When it rains it pours

WOW!  I sure am glad I have my emergency fund. It started with the refrigerator dying.  It kept making this loud "CHUNKA, CHUNKA, CHUNKA" noise and so we replaced it.  We were able to leave the emergency fund alone, and pay cash for a new fridge, but we weren't able to put any extra toward the credit card which was the plan "A".  We no more get the fridge and the dryer stops working.  I called the repair guy who listens to what it is doing over the phone (basically a "hummmm" but without turning on).  The verdict?  The motor is gone.  His words "I wouldn't put another motor in that one".  Okay, still not too bad because I have a clothes line and I can hang clothes.  Testing out those homesteady skills.  So then Saturday night I am cleaning the boys bathroom (seriously needed a hazmat suit UGH!) and found a pretty good sized crack in the tub.  Kay so the tub needs replacing   Okay.  Fine.  They can shower in our shower until we can save up to replace the tub.  Noooooo Problem.

Merrily we roll along....

Enter Mona.  She is our Pitt bull/rat terrier mix and a sweeter dog you will not find

Sorry for the blurry picture, but she is hard to capture.  Kind like Lockness.  Lol.  See that sweet face?  Okay hold that thought
Mona is a chewer.  She chews anything she can reach: eye glasses, shoes, my sofa, the deck, you get the picture.  Anyway, apparently she got nervous while I was gone to work and she was outside with the other dogs (the men had gone to Florida for a my father in laws 90th birthday.  KUDOS!).  She got into the shed and found a swimming noodle and ate it.  Not the whole thing ya know cause she has to watch her girlish figure.  Yea.  But she ate enough to put her in the doggie hospital over night to the tune of $451.  That is the total so far.  If this too doesn't pass(eye roll), we could be looking at surgery which could put it over $1000.  So after all the other bleeding gaps in our budget that we were able to plug with duc tape, this one could most likely hit our emergency fund the worst.  Now I know that is what it is there for, but it is hard to get that emergency fund back on track.  Not to mention Christmas and tax season are fast approaching. So at 8:30 this morning I will call the vet to see if she passed anything or if I am to sign my life away.  Oh well, "all the best laid plans of mice and men".....

She is cute though......

Update on Mona.  Never been so glad to hear a doggie pooped!  No surgery!  So only half of my emergency fund will be taken.  I can live with that.  Picking her up after lunch.

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