Saturday, January 26, 2013

And here I was thinking I would have nothing to talk about!

Hello to everyone!  Well first and formost I must say the applesauce bread made with 100% fresh ground wheat was amazing.  Need to cut the sugar back a bit in the recipe.  It was almost like cake, but ya know "hey twist my arm i'll eat the sweet bread".  Yea right!  The whole wheat bread turned out equally well.  It rose about the same and the texture is a little softer.  The only difference is I use a little less flour.  So!  I will continue to do it the right way.

So anyway, I woke up this morning about 6 ish and my mind started wandering(it does that alot), thinking about the garden, the wood pile, outside thingys.  I have to say I make the vast majority of my plans lying in my bed in the middle of the night or early morning.  Just weird that way I guess.  Anyhoo, I finally decide to get up about 7 and make coffee. I am walking into my dark kitchen,across my smooth "swiftlock" floors and suddenly the soft pitter pat of my feet on the floor becomes a louder splat,splat splat as I realize I am in standing water!  I go from being half asleep and lazy to crazy mode.  I switch on the kitchen light and see a good sized puddle around my sink cabinet.  Real quick I grab towels and begin drying the floor, grumbling the whole time.  I don't see any floor damage.  I open the cabinet doors and proceed to pull everything out.  Not just cleaning bottles,no not me.  All of my canning pots, the blancher, my roasting pan, juicer,4 gallons of lamp oil, my camp stove, 4 propane tanks for the camp stove, candle making equipment, the fire extinquisher, and other various small assorted things are now pulled out in my kitchen covering every counter.  Breakfast making will be very interesting. I dried everything up and have a box fan in the cabinet helping to dry things out a bit faster.  The long and the short of it is my sink is leaking.  I know you guys are highly intelligent (otherwise why would you be reading my blog), so I know you already figured that out. I just thought I would state the obvious.  I would love to see myself as the Rosie the Riviter lady and grab a wrench and fix the stupid thing, but nope!  Not so  much.  I will call Mike and get him to come fix it.  He is already coming out to fix the faucet.  I will stick to baking, sewing, gardening and other domestic things.  I will save the home maintenence to people I pay.  Makes us happier.   The closest my Knight in shining armour and I  come to divorce is during "do it yourself" repairs.  So this is in an attempt to keep our marriage on an even keel.  The sacrifices I make.  Lol.  So now I am off to finally make coffee.  Don't really need it now!  But I want it.  Yall have a great day!

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