Friday, January 11, 2013

Been up since 4am YUCK!

My beagle dog came and woke me up from a nice sound sleep so he could go outside.  Once awake my mind started racing thingking ofall the stuff I am wanting to do in my yard/garden this year.  Yes it is that time of year.  The seed cataloges are arriving in the mail beckoning me to put in an order.  They temp me with thoughts of lush green plants, colorful healthy veggies, and fresh, sweet fruits just  outside my door.  There should be a disclaimer that says : "warning, purchase of these items will require lots of time outdoors in the heat of summer(sharing space with mosquitos and other buggies), excessive dirt, sweat, callused hands, and hot steamy days in the kitchen as you can the results of seeds purchsed". Hmmm  maybe they wouldn't sell so much.  YA THINK!  But, aside from the work involved, there is s sense of pride when you look on your beautiful garden, and home canned veggies, eat them fresh, and bypass the canned veggie, frozen veggie, or jelly isle.  So I fall for the seed catalogues and pester the poor gardening shops on how soon they will have their stuff on the shelf.  I'm like an addict I GOTTA HAVE IT!  LOL. 
Now in order to feed my addiction, starting tomorrow Dh and I will work in the back yard, pruning my peach trees, spraying all fruit trees, and wood chippin some wood.Yay! 

So what else is going on in my life?....Eh....nothin...rain......Tee Hee!  Have a great day!

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