Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frugalmven's tip of the day err week..or when ever I think of one

Ever used one of those lint removers which are basically duct tape on a roll?  It does fine for the first swipe, but after that it doesn't do much except maybe stick to the clothes.  No this is not an infomercial, but it is an alternative that you may already have in your home.  Enter....the lowly washcloth.  You would be amazed at how a simple, dry wash cloth can remove a slew of lint.  Make sure you only use a dark colored washcloth for dark colored clothes or light for light colored.  Just in case,  ya know.  Now I can't say that this works for washclothes dried in a dryer, as my washcloths are dried on a line, but you aren't out anything if you want to give it a go.
Not much else to tell today. It is spaggetti for dinner tonight.  I did go to the "Y'.  Yay for me, but it is a daily thingand that is where I stumble.  Looking forward though to being able to go over the weekend. Did manage to stay out of the break room at work so no temptation there.
Okay, so I will see you guys later. Have great day!

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