Saturday, January 5, 2013

First weekend off!

First weekend morning off and I am sitting on the bed with DH watching X Files.  Kind of a pre curser to Fringe for all of you Sci- Fi geeks out there, but then again if you are a Sci-Fi geek you probably already know that.  Actually if I am honest, Dh is watching X-Files.  I have my head down typing this on my lap top; both to update my blog and to avoid the weird carnage on the show.  YUCK!  I am a big fan of Fringe, but in that show the yuck is in the beginning and then the mystery is pretty much solved.  This is on going fun.  But!  I am with DH and that is all that matters.

So what is my plan besides watching some man-eating tape worm on TV?  Well, I plan today on making some bread, washing some laundry, and various other assundry things to run a house.  Nothing too exciting, but i'm here and that is all that matters.  There is a fabric store going out of business a few miles north of here.  I am thinking I might head up there to see if I can get any deals.  Money is gonna be tight over the next few months.  We have knocked one of the items off our to do list and that was putting tires on our car.  I am saving the old tires to plant potatoes.  We had a guy come out to fix the running toilet and dripping faucet and he is coming back this next week to fix the tub in the boys bathroom.  Soooo CHECK!  Once I know for sure what the Uncle Sam tab will be, I am hopeful we can get the AC fixed.  I am still in the market for a dryer.  Might have one in the works thanks to a guy at church.  So little by little things are resolving themselves.  I am pretty sure when all is said and done our emergency fund will be depleted three times over, but at least we will have had the money.  We will just start over again saving the money.  We are going to have to adjust our withholding which means we will have to change our ability to save,  but until I know what our checks will begin to look like with my pay cut, and the  resumption of the payroll tax, I don't want to make any major changes.    

So this is a pretty boring post, but it is a post none the less.  Thanks for reading,      


  1. I missed you but Love you blog

  2. Miss you too miss Judy. Thought of you a lot this weekend.