Monday, October 29, 2012

Occupational hazard of growing peanuts

THEY ARE SOOOOOO GOOD!  I can't quit eating them so those of you who see me on a regular basis, don't be surprised if I blow up like a ballon.  The peanut tally (counting the ones eaten) is at about 3 2/3 lba.  I still have another basket to shell and roast and that will finish up thefirst bed.  I am guessing about 7 lbs for that bed.  I also vrought in another 4 1/2lbs of bell peppers.  I think I am good for peppers.  Not looking forward to all that choppings, but it will be nice over the winter.  Still needto dig potatoes.  When I went out this morning to pick the last of the peanuts (for that bed), the wind was blowing and it was cold.  About 38 degrees(for those of you up north I know that isn't really cold, but down here it is).  My poor hands were freezing.  When finished I came in a grabbed a warm cup of coffee more to warm my hands than anything else.  

On the homefront news I am getting my new refidgerator today.  Yay!  It is supposed to be delivered about 1 pm.  I am trying to get things out of the fridge until then.  We will have hamburgers for lunch to use up the buns I have in there, and I have enough vanilla opened, and two sticks of butter to make a batch of cookies.  The freezer items have all been out for over a week now because I didn't want to lose anything should the fridge die.  All that is in there now is flour.  All that will be removed as well before the delivery guy gets here.  We opted to pay for delivery and haul off of the old fridge.  Sometimes it is worth the extra cost.  Seriously would you want to be lugging a huge fridge around?  Not to mention we have steps and Iwould rather have my fridge protected in case someone drops it.  If we drop it, it is "so sorry for you", but if they drop it they have to replace it.  

So back to the peanuts...wanna know how to roast them?  Well itis really easy.  I like to roast them out of the shell; mainly becauseI like them salted.  So I shell the peanuts, wash them in cold waterand then lay them out on a towel for a bit.  Try to keep them spread out.  Then place them on a cookie sheetin a single layer.  Shake some salt on them in you prefer.   Roast them in a 350 degree oven for 20-25 min.  Take out and let cool completely before you store them.   They are good still warm, but awesome once cool.  My next adventure is to make peanut butter.

Well as much as I love todays weather for my area, my prayers are with family and friends in the north.  Please every one stay safe, and stay home.  Love to you all.

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