Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Since nuts are now priced out of my budget, what to do?????

$6 lb for Walnuts.  Now, I am hopeful they will go down closer to the holidays and when they do I will definitely stock up.  That being said, in the meantime I need a way to add a little protein punch to my items like granola, coffee cake, etc.  So what to do , what to do.  Enter....sunflower seeds.  Did you know sunflower seeds have less fat and more protein than walnuts?  In addition I can buy organic sunflower seeds by the pound at Kroger for $2.99 lb. That's half the price of the walnuts.  Per cup walnuts have 18 grams of protein but 80 grams of fat, and sunflower seeds have 25 grams protein and 64 grams of fat.  In addition I can sprout sunflower seeds(as long as they are raw) for other uses, plus I can grow sunflower seeds on my own should I so desire.  So it seems to me that sunflower seeds will definitely be on the menu for  some of my nutty items.  Good to know.

By the way, guys, I am on a roll.  I have posted three times in 1 week!  What is that!

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