Monday, October 1, 2012

Weeeeellll Praise Him!

I am pleased and I should say shocked.  I have come through yet another grocery battle with my hiney intact.        
I have to say at the beginning of this endeavor I was thinking I would go over, but such is not the case.  I am actually $10 under for the month.  It seems like every step of the way I found a little bit here and a little bit there.  In addition to that, there was this continuous situation where I would think I had only so much money, and then get to count my money and low an behold I would have another $5 or another couple of ones.  This happened at least three times.  So going to the last store, I just said a quick prayer thanking God for His provision, and low and behold if I don't get a coupon from the register for $3.50 off my next order.  It was going to expire in a couple of weeks and I don't frequent this store very often, so I went back in a got a 5lb bag of fries to have with hamburgers and such.  A treat for sure.  Love crinkle fries.  For those really interested in what a normal grocery shopping trip looks like for me, here goes:
50 lbs wheat berries( grind for flour)
1 lb sunflower seeds
2 bottles oil
20 lbs sugar
1 gallon raw honey
1 lg container of coffee creamer
20 lbs ground turkey
chicken breast
canned mushrooms
french fries
Cheerios(Aldi brand)
corn flks
frozen peas
3 institutional size peas (mark down)-once opened I will re can into smaller pint size jars.  It ended up being equal to getting a can of peas for .33.  Can't turn that down.
whole milk
produce(apple, oranges, bananas, etc)
Heavy whipping cream(bunch marked down.  I use it to make ice cream)
tortilla chips
Cheese(mozzarella, american 5 lbs ea)
Quick oats (10 lbs, use it for breakfast, granola bars, and granola)
chips (Cheetos, Doritos etc.  Hey we have to have some junk.  Got Aldi brand)
Ugh!  That is about all this still sleepy brain can remember, plus  i'm sure you are bored by now.  I realize some of these items are in bulk(ya think?), but I was raised with a mom that kept a pantry and I keep a pantry.  That means I always keep a supply on hand in case of emergency.  I guess that would be a "black belt frugality segment".  To me having a supply of staples on hand is a must.  In the event of  a layoff how nice would it be to not have to worry about where your kids next meal is coming from, and be able to focus on the bills you need to.  For example, when my daughter and her husband were having financial difficulty she was able to "shop" from my pantry.  I can also get items on a good sale, stock up on them then and not have to repurchase until the next sale.  Because I buy my things in bulk, I usually get a break on price(usually, always check your price per ounce).  Famous Georgia "snow" no longer has me running to the store for bread and milk.  I get to sit back and watch the news on TV nice and cozy in my home.  You don't have to have a "sky is falling" reason to keep a pantry.
Aside from the large sizes and small amounts of junk food, my point is that my purchases are primarily staple items.  Basic items I have to put together in order to make something for my family: cookies, bread, granola, granola bars, etc. When it comes to the wheat berries my brothers response is "Sooo you buy the raw materials to make the raw materials to make something from scratch".  Yep!  That is about it.  Glutton for punishment, but I know what is in the food I feed my family.  There are no questionable items like preservatives, dyes, words you can only understand if you are a scientist, etc.  Plus I enjoy it.  I mean really, there must be a screw loose somewhere when I get so excited over grinding corn for the first time.  Either that or I am really easy to amuse.  Okay, I guess that is it for today.  I am off to finish my breakfast, and go to the Y with my sons.  I might even get on a treadmill, but that is another story.  Then since it is raining outside all day today(thank you, Lord)my plans is to get some house work done and try my hand at grinding some of the wheat I bought and making some whole grain graham crackers.  I have been itching to use my grinder on those berries.  You guys stay safe!  Have a blessed day!

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