Monday, October 8, 2012

Temps in the 40's...It's a beautiful thing

Starting off my day a little early.  My Knight got up early this morning to work out at the Y before work.  We are part of a Nursing home ministry at our church and so he wouldn't be able to go to the Y after.  No worries though.  In celebration of our first fall feeling day (lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's), I went to walk this morning.  I'll take the boys to the Y later this morning, but my exercise was in the fresh air.  I love this time of year.  I always love the cooler weather, and cold weather up until Christmas.  Once the holidays are over, the gardening bug bites and I am pouring over seed catalogues.
So what should I talk about this morning.  My daily rave has become more of a weekly thing.  How exciting is my life.  On my to do list for today:  general housework, helping the boys with school, make some items for the pantry(granola, mayo, granola bars,etc), laundry, and steam cleaning my bedroom carpet.  Now in all seriousness I probably won't complete all of these things.  In fact I am sure I won't complete them today, but I keep that list running. I have a really looooong list, and if I focus on all that needs to be done around here I would faint.  So I tackle my to do list such as one would eat an bite at a time.
I harvested my last watermelon of the season a couple of days ago. I still have peanuts to harvest.  I am going to call the country extension office to see when cause they seriously should be getting ready for harvest.  In addition to the peanuts I still have peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes coming in from the garden.  I am amazed at how well these potatoes have done.  These were volunteers that came up after I harvested potatoes in June.  You never find all of them.  These sprouted and are now beautiful huge plants.  The batch I harvested in June had died back from some kind of pest (Colorado potato bugs, I think).  While I got potatoes, I didn't get as many as I wanted.  These plants, however, are lush and green with no sign of pests (Heaven forbid).  The same goes for my tomato plants.  These things looked like they were at deaths door and now in the cooler weather they are thriving.  I am wondering about changing the timing of when I plant certain items.  I mean peanuts need a long growing season, but the other stuff I think I could time it where they are coming to production stage later in the summer and/or earlier in the spring.  I am going to have to think about this.  Plan my garden accordingly.  So that is all I have for now.  Should I find anything earth shattering You will be the first to know.  Have a great day!

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