Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome everyone! and a peanut update....

Thanks to an opportunity from Patrice Lewis over at , I have gotton a lot more views and so I wanted to thank everyone who came on over and took a look at my little blog.  You are more than welcome here and I hope you enjoy yourself while here. I also want to say I appreciate the ones who have been with me from the get go.  No one is taken for granted.  You all are important to me.  I am by no means an expert, but I do have a desire to share things I have learned from others(as well as some experiments of my own)that have helped me save money and be home with my family as much as possible. 

All that being said, I wanted to share an update on my peanut plants.   This season I planted 3 4X8 beds of peanuts.  Talk about some low maintenence plants.  Maybe it was the fact that it was the first season I planted these and so the pests never found them, but the three beds were at all times lush, full and green(and spreading, didn't know that would happen).  So anyway, I harvested 1 bed about a week ago.  Pulled up the plants and hung them up to dry.


  Some of the peanuts came off the vines and they were in a pile on the deck.

  I got 1 pound of roasted peanuts just from the loose ones and I estimate another 9lb from the plants I have hanging.  That is only 1 bed.  So judging from what I received from 1 bed, I am estimating a total harvest of 25-30 lbs.  Will I plant peanuts again?  Uhhh YEA!  I paid 4.95 plus a bit for shipping for the seed peanuts.  So doing the math, 25lbs for $4.95 = .20 lb.  Buy nuts at the store and you are looking at least $3lb for peanuts.  That is a 91% savings.  WOW!  So my plan is some roasted for eating, some roasted and chopped for Christmas/everyday baking, some roasted and made into peanut butter.   We will see how it goes.  The left over shells will be turned back into the garden. 

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