Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Waste not Want not...aka Mama needs to get a life!

Yea, I really think I should see somebody for help.....Hello my name is Diane and I am a frugalholic.....I know that isn't a real word, but nothing else so aptly describes me.  Anyway, here's why I am realizing this:
Now pay no attention to my kitchen that needs to be cleaned...LOOK AWAY, LOOK AWAY!  Instead, check out the brown paper nicely rolled and tied with twine.  Remember this paper cause it is going to Christmas wrapping paper this year.  See the box on the floor in the back ground?  That is where the paper came from.  It was stuffed in that box to pack a gift I purchased online for my grandson's birthday.  This morning while doing the regular ironing I had another "hmmm I wonder" moment.  I finished the regular ironing and while my iron was hot, I ironed out this paper.  I love the whole country look and so I am thinking gifts wrapped with this paper under the tree and stamped with a Christmas scene will be adorable.  When I get to stamping i'll show that too.  The dowel by the way is what allowed me to roll it nicely as I ironed.  I regularly order certain things each month online (groceries and pet care etc).  I get a lot of this paper.  Now I am covered which is good cause I wasn't able to hit the after Christmas sales last year.  These rolls alone are at least 50 yards of paper.  The box will be collapsed and stored for wrapping as well.  This is the time of year I start saving good big boxes.
as for yesterday, I was able to clean the carpet, but the baking got pushed off til today.  So that is on my list for today.  So I guess I should get going so I can get started.  Have a great day!

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